Ordering your plaque is easy.
All you need to do is email us your wording and any images/logos/emblems and we will build you a proof withing 24 hours -Email

Signmakers offer plaques in a wide range of materials and combinations.  If this is the first time you have ever needed to think about a plaque there are a few things to consider.  Our main advice is - don't be afraid to ask. -Contact

How long will it last?
One of the most commonly asked questions. Any of our metal plaques (aluminium, stainless steel, brass & cast bronze) will last indefinitely.  We cannot put a time on it but in most cases it should be generations. Life will be affected by conditions but even in the harshest environments we would expect many decades of service.

There is no standard size and smaller sizes often look more attractive.  Commonly used sizes include A4 (30cm x 21cm) and 35cm x 25cm but determining an appropriate size depends on a number of factors and the simplest way forward may be to call us to discuss your requirements. Plaques with 'squarer' dimensions usually look more balanced than long or tall shapes.

Factors to consider include:

  • what is its purpose for the plaque - commemoration (eg. building opening), information, facts or history, memorial to a loved one, pet memorial?
  • what information is going on the plaque?
  • is there a logo or any other type of image? 
  • are there physical constraints on the plaque size?
  • how and on what will the plaque be mounted?

Signmakers produce plaques in a range of metals and plastics.  See details of plaque types and materials under their separate pages (links below).  Initial considerations might include:

  • The desired aesthetic - a modern contemporary plaque or a more traditional, conservative plaque.  Does it need to blend with the surrounds, is colour important?
  • Are you matching to something existing?
  • Is the plaque going indoors or outdoors and what are the environmental conditions it will be exposed to?
  • The information to go on the plaque - there are constraints on what is possible in certain materials.  For example there are minimum letter sizes for cast bronze and limits to what can be engraved in hard materials like stainless steel. 
These considerations will help determine which is the most appropriate plaque for your needs and discussing these with us is the next best step.
Fonts (letter style)

We can engrave almost any letter font with some limitations on size particularly for fancy script font styles.  Fonts with serifs (eg. Times Roman) usually also have a combination of thick and thin letter strokes and smaller letter sizes can be challenging.

Graphics, Artwork and Logos

We can engrave simple "clipart" style images.  We can engrave only on a flat surface and cannot produce 3 dimensional (sculptured) objects.  Our engraving physically cuts into the metal and there are limits to the level of detail possible photographic images and shades of colour are not possible.
Artwork is required in a suitable electronic format and the following vector or line art file extension types are necessary: 

  • eps or ps
  • ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • PDF vector
If a vector file is not available one will need to be created for production (engraving and cast plaques).  Any artwork services costs will be chargeable. 

It is best to submit any artwork to us early in the process in order for us to assess suitability or what might be involved in transforming it.

We have a library of artwork and may have something that suits your needs or advice on other artwork options.  Don't be put off - discuss your ideas with us.


Engraved lettering and graphics are usually paint filled in a single colour and we can do this in almost any colour - it doesn't have to be black. Different sections can be painted in different colours, e.g. heading different from the main text.

Multiple coloured objects and logos are generally not possible particularly on small images or where colours join or overlap.  It may be possible where a small number of colours are required and they are separated.