Signmakers supply a wide range of custom made nameplates (AKA sliders) to identify the room name or occupant for the door or a desk stands.
We can customize your name plates with colours and logos.

Room use slider nameplates to indicate whether the room is in use or vacant can be custom made to your specification. Signmakers engrave the lettering into our slider nameplates so it cannot wear off with use. We can colour fill lettering to preference and can supply different coloured sliders (covers).  The slider cover can also be engraved with additional information or a room name.   

Signmakers produce stylish nameplates for business using colour laminates or Anodized Aluminium. 
Nameplates can either be engraved or we can cut vinyl decals.


Aluminium holders (Extrusions) - $7 to 15 + GST each
Name Sliders name only - $25 to $35 + GST each 
Name Sliders name + logo - $30 to $40+ GST each 
Room Name with IN USE / NOT IN USE slider  - $50 + GST each

Wall or door mounted
Desk stand
Desk Stand Type
Aluminum Holders