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My Fence Art

My Fence Art

Signmakers My Fence Art is an exciting new product that can transform your living space.  My Fence Art will cover those ugly steel fences outside your windows with you favourite images.  Create the feeling of space and the great outdoors right outside your window.

My Fence Art is a high quality digital print of your favourite landscape, holiday destination, your children or grandchildren, pets or your garden or a pattern or textural image.  All we need is a high resolution photograph or image that we can print in large format and laminate to flat, lightweight aluminium composite panel and fix to the fence. Or we can supply the panels for you to install yourself.

My Fence Art is water and weather proof and apart from an occasional wash down with water (do it when you wash your windows) is maintenance free and long lasting.

There are other areas you could use My Fence Art for example to screen fence, wall or part of an outside entertaining area or to cover an unsightly area (tank, rubbish bins). All we need is a firm flat surface to fix to. 


Transform a bland expanse of Good Neighbour type fencing with My Fence Art  into a breath-taking view.  Most Good Neighbour fencing is 1.8m high with panels 2.4m wide between posts. To calculate your requirements for My Fence Art, we need to know the height of the fence, width and height of the window and an indication of how far it is from the fence.  We can work out the rest.  My Fence Art is not restricted to Good Neighbour type fences we can adapt it to most situations.

Photo Quality

The beauty of My Fence Art is the high quality large format reproduction and to achieve this the source image needs to be high resolution.  The photo does not need to be taken with a high end camera but the picture quality setting should be high quality (resolution). Most modern digital camera and smart phones are capable of this quality.  A picture quality that indicates a higher file size is preferred - for example

120KB (not good) would be a low resolution image and results would be poor

2.50MB (2,500KB) (good) a higher resolution image which should be suitable

The end result will only be as good as the source image.  

Large file size is not always an accurate indication of image quality.  If you are unsure, open your photo on your computer and zoom in.  This can give you an indication of how the picture will look when it is printed in large format . If you can zoom in and still see finer detail results should be good but if the quality deteriorates and is very blurry this is how the large format print will appear.  The finer the pixel size (the small squares that make up digital photos) the finer the picture quality.

Some digital photographs can be massive files and these should give good results but huge files are not necessary and you need to be able to transfer images to us preferably by email or via other internet file transfer applications.


There are limitless possibilities for My Fence Art to transform your views.  If you like the idea of My Fence Art but do not have suitable photographs Signmakers can help with images from our own collections, sources or even custom made photos. Don't be afraid to ask.

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2/86 Rundle Road, Salisbury South, South Australia 5106

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