Engraving in metals and plastics

Engraved stainless steel house nameplate
Engraved stainless steel house nameplate
Reverse engraved brass stamp
Reverse engraved brass stamp
One of our engraving machines at work engraving anodised aluminium
Engraving machine in action on aluminium

Engraving - physically cutting into the material surface

Signmakers is a full-service commercial engraver with heavy duty capability in a wide range of materials. We exclusively rotary engrave, a process that cuts into the material surface. Our engraved products have a prestigious and traditional quality that will last for generations.    

  • Plaques - prestigious metal plaques (aluminium, brass, stainless steel)

  • Labelling and tags - labels and identification tags, ID plates, model & serial tags in metal and specialised plastics (traffolyte).  Applications in engineering, industrial, electrical, automotive, trade and manufacturing applications. Control panels and switch labelling, switch board panels.

  • Architectural signage - nameplates, directional signs, directories, corporate identity (logo) and badges.  Custom made signs, changeable nameplates, in use/vacant slider nameplates.

  • General signage - smaller signs for a classy look where a high quality finish is required.  Indestructible signs where heavy wear or vandalism is a consideration.

  • Stamping blocks - reverse or forward engraved

Signmakers has a flexible, can-do approach and can offer a wider range of services.  Feel free to discuss your engraving needs and find out how we can help you.

Engraving Special Notes

Flat surface only
Signmakers engrave on flat surfaces only - we do not engrave curved surfaces.
Material size
Maximum material size generally, no wider than 640mm.  Longer items may require special treatment 
Maximum thickness
Up to 30mm maximum thickness that will fit under the engraving head
Odd Shapes

Shape requiring special hold down jigs may incur additional costs
No glass or stone

Engraving Materials

Signmakers stock and engrave into a wide range of materials. Signmakers will also work with material supplied by you but there are some restrictions and results will vary depending on material grades.  We only engrave flat surfaces - we cannot engrave around curves for example, bottles.

  • Anodised Aluminium - a highly attractive, versatile and durable no maintenance material suitable for plaques and labelling and a wide range of signage applications. We carry a range of material colours and thicknesses. 
    Great for outdoors, aluminium also looks elegant and modern indoors.  Aluminium is an economical option where a high quality metal plaque is required.

  • Stainless Steel - is a durable material with an outstanding contemporary finish. Hardness and engraving qualities put it in a pricing bracket well above aluminium.

  • Brass -  Brass gives a quality traditional look popular with professionals and those looking for a special and prestigious plaque.  It is also used for nameplates and labelling for picture frames, works of art and machines.  High material costs and manual processing requirements put brass products in a higher price bracket.  While the metal will last indefinitely, it will tarnish and discolour if used outdoors.

  • Cast Bronze - is extremely durable and suitable to any location.   Products are prestigious and will last for generations.  The cast letters and graphics stand out from the dark background.  Minimum letter sizes apply so talk to us early in the design process to ensure best results.

  • Plastics - (formerly Traffolyte) Specialised, highly attractive laminated engraving plastics in a range of colours including metallic finishes are ideal for small memorial, recognition and award plaques, nameplates, labelling, small signs and badges.  They give a prestigious and quality finish at a lower cost than metals. Often referred to as Traffolyte which is no longer available.

  • Other Material and Timber 
    Signmakers also handle a range of other plastics including acrylic (Perspex) and natural timber and MDF. You will be required to supply any timber you want engraved. 

This list is by no means exhaustive so if you have some ideas for engraving please give us a call to discuss them.

Engraved fill colours

Engraved text and graphics are usually paint filled and we can do this in any colour. If you prefer blue or red text instead of black that is no problem. 
We can fill in multiple colours provided there is separation between colours and graphics are large enough.  For example a heading or logo in blue and the rest of the text in black.  Overlapping colours, shades (fades) or multiple colours are not possible.  
Engraving on anodised aluminium
Engraving on anodised aluminium
Engraved aluminium logos
Engraved aluminium logos
Engraved railway relic
Engraved railway relic
Engraved laminated plastics
Engraved laminated plastics
Sporting club logo engraved in aluminium seating
Sporting club logo in aluminium
Reverse engraved brass stamping block
Engraved brass stamping meat stamps
Engraved aluminium industrial labels with text and instructional diagrams
Engraved aluminium industrial labels
Personal, small one-off orders for fine engraved products
Engraved stainless steel logo
Engraved brass industrial trench marker labels
Engraved brass marker labels
Engraved aluminium labels with image and text
Engraved aluminium information labels with image and text
indestructible stainless steel labels for industry
Engraved stainless steel industrial labels and tags
Engraved laminated plastic labels
Engraved laminated plastic labels