Digital Stencils

Original logo enclosed within an unboken shape (oval)
Logo against background
Everything within the oval must be joined and connected to the surrounding material
Logo with connectors to join all areas of black background. In this case the flowing script lettering also needs to be broken apart.
Logo black on white with black cutouts
Results when stencil is painted. Disjointed but still recognisable.
Original logo before stencil work
Original logo artwork with full detail before stencil
simplified version of the logo turned into a stencil
Stencil version of the logo with detail removed and connection tabs added
Wine barrel labelling stencil
Stencil image on wine barrel
Large format stencils used on a promotional bar
Images produced from stencils for promotional branding
Wine barrel branding painted from stencils
Promotion and identification signs to barrels produced from stencils
Product identification stencils for export packaging
Product identification to large scale export packs produced from stencils