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Cast Bronze Plaques


Cast Bronze by Signmakers

Cast bronze is one of the most recognisable and traditional of plaque materials.  Cast bronze plaques mark monuments, memorials and historic buildings all over the world - it expresses quality and permanence.  As the name suggests, cast bronze plaques are produced by casting molten bronze in a foundry.  Letters and graphics are generally raised against a dark textured background.  They are very attractive, extremely robust, durable and versatile.

Cast bronze is a thicker heavier plaque than the engraved products described elsewhere.  They have a thicker edge profile and are generally fixed by bosses (raised, threaded sections) which are cast on the back - see the photos below.

Casting methods place limits on what can be reproduced both for text and graphics and images. However, more modern techniques mean there is more flexibility with cast bronze plaques than previously.  We would urge you talk to us about your ideas very early in the development process.

Cast bronze plaques are suited to any plaque situation indoors and out including the harshest of conditions. 

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