Aluminium Engraved Plaques

Contemporary stylish and lasting anodised aluminium
Anodised aluminium opening plaque with engraved and paint filled text and graphics
Detail of engraved logo - see notes on artwork
Engraved logos or graphics
Engraved anodised aluminium plaque with images
Engraved anodised aluminium plaque with images

Aluminium Plaques

Aluminium is an attractive and versatile material and the most popular choice for Signmakers plaques. Aluminium plaques have a modern and clean look which fits well for almost any purpose.  It is suitable for outdoors and exposed weather conditions. 

Aluminium can be anodised in different colours but matte natural anodised is the most popular- retaining the natural metallic colour.  This satin metallic silver finish is also referred to as "brushed" aluminium or SNA (satin natural anodised) and fits well with most colour schemes.  Anodised aluminium is maintenance free and suitable for almost any plaque situation - indoors and outdoors. 

Aluminium is an ideal engraving material and Signmakers can produce high quality text and graphics.


  • good looking
  • maintenance free
  • indoors or outdoors use
  • economical
  • lightweight and easy to install
  • different material colour available


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Contemporary stylish and lasting black anodised aluminium
Black anodised engraved aluminium opening plaque
Engraved bronze anodised aluminium opening plaque
Bronze anodised aluminium engraved plaque
All Signmakers plaques are custom made to your specifications
Engraved anodised aluminium plaque
Maintenance free and ideal for outdoor situations
Engraved aluminium information plaque
Engraved anodised aluminium commemorative
Engraved anodised aluminium opening plaque
Engraved anodised aluminium
Engraved anodised aluminium
Attractive, modern looking engraved anodised aluminium plaques
Plaques available in any size and colours optional
Large format engraved aluminium plaque with coloured text
Large engraved aluminium plaque
Detailed images and long texts can be engraved
Information and image plaques engraved aluminium